Sunday, January 13, 2019


The system of education in Nigeria is not encouraging anymore, the government emphasis that they have played important role in education but who is to blame, is it government, the students, the lecturers or the vice chancellor,. none of the above will take the blame because the foundation of a good educational system was not laid from the beginning.

Some parents send their children abroad to study because of poor education system of education in Nigeria. education has affected both the young and adult. both primary , secondary and tertiary are suffering from poor quality education.

Moreover, learned teachers and lecturers are no longer existing, Employment of teacher and lecturers is based on connection(WHO YOU KNOW).

The educational system in Nigeria has discouraged a lot of people from going to school because of the results of they have seen around their fellow friends. education can no longer be trusted and guaranteed.

Furthermore, in some states in Nigeria some students are facing lack of teachers, poor instructional material for the students, inability of ICT in education.

Funmi Ajumobi & Elizabath Uwandu stated that as Nigeria continues to grapple with education sector such as funding, lack of infrastructure, poor standard and what people call unfit curriculum, among others, Dr Dolapo Ogungbawo, an educationist with over 40 years experience, says until nigeria addresses the quality of teachers the challenges would continue, Ogunbawo, who worked with the United Kingdom (UK) government at institute of education, University college,London for many years to find a way to help teachers raise the standard of education in the UK, was the principal of Green springs School and the first and only Nigeria principal. Grange school Lagos, She speaks in this interview on her passion to train and refine Nigeria teachers through her experience over the years with her self-funded foundation, TTNF. She laments that government failure to see education as a priority is why Nigeria is absent from the Programme of International Student Assessment (PISA) Scale, a global assessment system used in ranking schools.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Tony Elumelu Foundaton Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP) 2019 for young African Entrepreneurs (5th Cycle of $100m Entrepreneurship Programme)

Application Deadline: March 1st, 2019.

The Tony Elumelu Foundation, The leading African-funded and founded philanthropy committed to empowering African Entrepreneurs, is now accepting applications for the 2019 cohort of the TEF 5th cycle of $100m Entrepreneurship Programme.

The Foundation flagship initiative, the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme, is a 10-year, $100 million commitment to identify, train mentor and fund 10,000 entrepreneurs capable of changing the face of business across Africa.

Eligibility Requirements:

The programme is open to all citizens and legal residents of any one o  f the 54 African countries.
The proposed business must be registered and operate in Africa.


Upon completion of the 12 week start up Entreprise Toolkit (learning) programme, certification of submited business plan, provision of required documentation, business bank account, among other requirements, entrepreneurs will qualify for the first stage non- refundable seed capital of $5000 (terms and condition apply.

Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs who successful complete the programme  by meeting requirements and deadlines will be eligible for funding. there two stages of funding available for entrepreneurs:

First stage seed capital of $5,000 (based on the official Central Bank of Nigeria exchange rate) _ a non returnable investment. please see terms and condition for Clarification.

Second stage capital returnable investment - entrepreneurs will apply and considered for this based on the viability of their business.

Selection Criteria:

All application will be judged on 5 core criteria, which are:

-Feasibility of the business idea.

-Market Opportunity: knowledge and understanding of the market, customers and competitors of their idea/business.

-Financial Understanding:Understanding of the basic financial requirements of running a business, costs and revenue.

-Scalability: Demonstrates potential for replication and growth of their product and service to create job and wealth.

-Leadership Potential and Entrepreneurship Skills: Demonstrate leadership potential, capable of attracting people, customers and resources.

Application Process:

All application must be submitted ONLINE through the application platform TEF Connect, you must complete an application form by answering a series of mandatory questions.

After the submission, you will recieve confirmation email of receipt with 1 working day.

Applicants can apply on TEFConnect- largest digital networking platform for African Entrepreneurs.

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Belcalis Marlenis ALmanzar {born october 11, 1992}, known professionally as Cardi B, born and raised in the Bronx,New York city, she first attracted attention for discussing her career as a stripper on social media, Cardi B is a Grammy-Nominates American rapper social media personal and former reality stare whose commercial debut single "Bodak Yellow" surged  the top of the music charts in September 2017.

Cardi B, No 1 Hit song "Bodak Yellow"

"Bodak yellow" goes No 1 hit commercial debut song  that went viral, eventually earning the top spot on the billboard Hot 100, The Hot R&B/ Hip-hop songs and turning triple platinum.

Ranking the top 7 seven songs from Cardi B Invasion privacy.

Bill board attempts to rank the seven tracks form Cardi B"s invasion privacy below. 7. "I like it" Feat, J Balvin and Bad bunny. 6. "Be careful". 5. "I Do" Feat. 4. "MoneyBag". 3. "Get up 10". 2. "Best life" Feat.1. Bodak Yellow

Rap Queen Clash: Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.
This combination photos shows that Nicki Minaj, left,and Cardi B at Harpers BAZAAR "ICONS by Carine Roit field" party at the plaza in the New York on Sept. 7, 2018. Minaj says being involved in altercation with Cardi B at a fashion week party was "so mortifying and so humiliating. "Cardi B tried to attack Minaj at Harpers Bazaar Icons party in New York on friday. video circulated on socail media showing Cardi B lunging toward Nicki Minaj and throwing her shoe at the rapper.

This particular confrontation between two rappers is only the latest in an ongoing feud that has escalated since its first mention in the social media sphere, around march 2017, their relationship has been covered as a series of both praise and animosity as is often the case when the media pits two successful women against each other.

Tensions between the two surfaced when Nicki Minag allegedly liked a comment on Instagram that dissed Cardi B, even if the comment and like were fake as some user on the platform pointed out, the stage was set for the rapper rivalry.

Over the past year, many have speculated about two women's actions in the relation to each other. A few weeks after the incident in march 2017, Minaj was seen dancing to Cardi B "Bodak Yellow, "and all seemed well.

After wards, there was a continuous stream of rappers, allegedly
refrences towards each other, both in songs and interview at the 2017 MTV VMAs. the two women also have a feature on Migos song "Motor spot".

However, none of the supposed disses have specifically referenced 

the other rapper. In fact, the two have more often been publicised specifically addressing each other to offer Congratulations, and have taking to the media to clear up rumors of their feud.

Monday, December 31, 2018

An African Nigerian students in Greater Noida India lying helplessly on the road from the attack of some foreigners. A police man helps the student, apparently injured in racial attack in Greater Noida. some Nigerians in foreign countries find it difficult to associate with foreigners, they experience bully day to day. they have no choice to leave rather they accept it the way they see it. some Nigerians are not safe in foreign countries, some are depressed, frustrated and some cant find their way back to their country.
We wont be bullied by violence: Nigerian students attacks.
An African national talk to a police man after a suspected racial attack on them.
Nigeria boys never want to suffer to get money they want quick money that will send them to their early grave, they are frustrated, insatiable and greedy. they are ready to fraud, take peoples life do all manner of things just to make money, they can do and undo. what a disappointment for the parents of this young guys. HOLY SHIT the new trend now is yahoo boys raking peoples money through fraud and rituals. sometimes i ask my self what could  lead to this  but i found nothing because many thing you can do to survive is out they waiting, is just that they never put their eyes down to discover the opportunities around them.
OH, is it the song i heard, {IF YOU NO GET MONEY WAITING YOU GAIN} that lead most of them to this.they want to prove to the universe that they came and that their so called will be heard as the richest in the world not minding the consequences. some of them have drop out of school because of quick money, EFCC are trying their best to stop them but still yet more people sign up for it.
Justin has found a new love, its so painful that she couldn't bear it, Selena who has dated Justin for so long, now stand to loose him, so this is how the freaky so called love is all about, Dated for  so long and happy ending with another lover, WHAT A SHIT, could it be that Justin can no longer accomodate selenas behavior or could it be that justin is tired of dating her. what ever, that his decision and he knows the reason why he did so. OK lets say its normal for celebrities, its rare for celebrities to be together as husband and wife. 

Justin still have a thousand feeling for selena even though he left her for no just course.the look on his face shows that he has lingering feeling for selena, it obvious because they have been together for so long.

Saturday, December 29, 2018


Baby Boomers are quite different from Millennials. For example, they are far more conservative and less likely to speak out than Millennials are. Millennials tend to be significantly more progressive on social issues. Whereas Baby Boomers thrived on supporting the whole family unit with a married set of parents, Millennials are less focused on getting married and more likely to support gay marriage. They are also more likely to support the legalization of marijuana and are less likely to be religious.

Other differences in Millennials and Baby Boomers exist. For example, Millennials are less likely to own a home or a vehicle. They instead rely on renting and do not strive to build ownership as readily. On the other hand, Baby Boomers saw home ownership as an important part of a successful life. Millennials are also less likely to be affluent than Baby Boomers. Millennials have significantly more debt as well.

Years Born in 1980 to 1994Current Ages: 24 to 38Other Nicknames: Gen Y, Gen Me, Gen We, Echo BoomersGeneration Size: 95 MillionMedia Consumption: 95% still watch TV, but Netflix edges out traditional cable as the provider. Cord-cutting in favor of streaming services is the popular choice. This generation is extremely comfortable with mobile devices but 32% will still use a computer for purchases. They typically have multiple social media accounts.Banking Habits: Millennials have less brand loyalty than previous generations. They prefer to shop product and features first and have little patience for inefficient or poor service. Because of this, Millennials place their trust in brands with superior product history such as Apple and Google. They seek digital tools to help manage their debt and see their banks as transactional as opposed to relational.Shaping Events: The Great Recession, the technological explosion of the internet and social media, and 9/11What's next on their financial horizon: Millennials are entering the workforce with high amounts of student debt. This is delaying major purchases like weddings and homes. Because of this financial instability, Millennials prefer access over ownership which can be seen through their preference for on-demand services. They want partners that will help guide them to their big purchases.Some adaptations have come about from employers accommodating Millennials. The bring-your-own device trend (BYOD), for example, is at least in part a reaction to the Millennials’ near-addiction to mobile devices. Workplace satisfaction matters more to Millennials than monetary compensation and work-life balance is often considered essential. They are less likely than previous generations to put up with an unpleasant work environment and much more likely to use social networking to broadcast their concerns. On the other hand, satisfied Millennials are often employee advocates for the organizations they work for, providing honest, free -- and convincing -- public relations (PR).Having grown up being bombarded by advertising, Millennials tend to be skeptical about promotional material of any kind. Whether buying products and services or considering employment, Millennials are more likely to listen to their friends than to be affected by marketing or public relations material. This characteristic makes both conventional marketing and employee recruitment practices often ineffective for Millennials.

Years Born: 1944 to 1964
Current Ages: 54 to 74
Generation Size: 76 Million
Media Consumption: Highest consumers of traditional media like television, radio, magazines, and newspaper. However, 90% have a Facebook account.
Banking Habits: Prefer to go into a branch to do transactions.
Shaping Events: Post WWII optimism, the cold war, and the hippie movement.
What's next on their financial horizon: Unexpectedly, this generation is experiencing the highest growth in student loan debt. They have a belief that you should take care of your children enough to set them on the right course but don't plan on leaving any inheritance.

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